Internachi Certified Pre-Listing Inspection


If you are selling your home in the Saint Louis Area, a pre-listing home inspection will aid you in getting the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time. Save time, money and sell with confidence with a pre-listing home inspection from U R Home Inspections in the Saint Louis Area. A pre-listing inspection identifies problems throughout the home allowing you make necessary repairs and updates to the home. This results in a seller that has the confidence in their home avoiding costly and stressful repairs. When a pre-listing inspection has been completed, sellers can have the knowledge necessary to price the home accordingly and obtain the expected asking price.

Buyers insist on a professional home inspection performed by an inspector of their choice. If the buyer’s inspector finds issues with the property, it can cause problems and delays in the selling process. Surprise problems from the buyer’s inspector will cause delays in closing, and most often costing the seller money by having to perform last minute costly repairs or take a lower price on the overall selling price.

It is a smart decision to have a Saint Louis Area certified home inspection before putting your home on the market. Pre-listing home inspection done by U R Home Inspections will make the sale process easier and faster. The inspection will identify unknown problems with the home and allow you to complete the repairs beforehand. This allows time to complete the repairs yourself or bid out contractors to find the best value of service. If the buyer’s inspector finding these problems, this will cause delays costing more money.

Certified Buyer Home Inspection In Wright City, MO


The most common home inspection done by U R Home Inspection is our buyer's home inspections. We offer buyers home inspections throughout the Saint Louis Area for new homes and pre-owned homes. Hiring a highly qualified professional, experienced, and certified home inspector to inspect your property is extremely important and is required in most cases. U R Home Inspections is certified by InterNACHI home inspectors and as are trained to inspect homes according to the InterNACHI standards. We offer the highest quality professional inspections in the Saint Louis Area.

We provide honest, factual and non-biased reporting on the property being inspected. We always suggest our customers attend the inspection of the property with us. This gives them a better understanding of the home and their purchase. This also helps know more about the home in the future. After completing the field work of the inspection we create a U R Home Inspection Report that is available to online which is also emailed. This report is complete with color photos, video, and detailed home inspection notes.